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About Us
Global Trade Integral Solutions (GTIS) Mexico is an international trading group, and specialist supplier, working with leaders in the agricultural and artisanal sectors throughout Mexico.

The unique relationship we have with our suppliers and partners allows us to bring the variety and uniqueness of Mexican agricultural, food and artisanal products to a broader world.

Our vision is to promote the wide variety, richness and quality of Mexican agricultural and artisanal products, both nationally and internationally and as a result to improve the quality of life for Mexican producers. We achieve this by reducing, or eliminating, the number of intermediaries involved in the procurement process and therefore shortening the distance and barriers between the producers and our clients. Our procedures, together with any required advisory and guidance services, enables GTIS Mexico to provide a more straightforward option for a successful conclusion of any commercial transaction.

In addition to our direct relationships with the traditional agricultural, and artisanal groups, we are also actively involved in the conservation of the traditions of Mexican Indigenous groups. We are committed to the support and implementation of all environmental and ecological standards, guaranteeing that the products we offer comply with best practices and international production standards.

As part of our overall service offering, GTIS also provides advisory and consulting services to both producers and customers. Our trading platform manages the extensive range of our agricultural and artisanal product offerings for both the domestic and international markets, and because of our unique joint ventures and business alliances, we can locate any product on request or demand.
All you need to do is to complete our simple “Contact Us” page and we will respond to your query within 24 hours.

At GTIS we have extensive knowledge of the regions, seasons, services and products that our country has to offer. This allows us to offer solutions to our clients in traditional, regional, temporary and endemic products, as well as trending and innovating products or services that can be obtained in Mexico. All of our activities are compliant with fair trade rules, applying methods for the development of the regions with which we collaborate.

GTIS also has the experience to search and locate products and services internationally. Through our network of producers and customers in different countries.

Therefore, we have different categories to offer our clients to meet the solution of their needs.

Some of the products are:

- Traditional (crafts, food, drinks and endemics)
- Perishables (fruits, vegetables, from the sea, seeds, species, storms, etc.)
- Industrialized (processed, packaged, dehydrated, frozen, canned, etc.)
- Organic (perishable or industrialized)
- Innovation (products that are trending in the world due to new consumption or production factors)

Some of our services are:

- Certifications (national or international)
- Product development (processes, regions, production areas, technologies, etc.)
- Logistics (national or international)
- Import or export of products
- Specialized research of international markets

Octopus / Pulpo
Honey / Miel
Coffee / Café
Cocoa / Cacao
Products request
In order to locate the the mexican producers of the goods you are looking for, please fill the folling form and let us help you.
  • International trade, customs & logistics advisory,
  • Risk & opportunities assesment,
  • Due Diligence,
  • Customs valuation,
  • Analysis and implementation of operation structures, including customs and tax implications within Mexico and abroad,
  • Tariff classification.
  • International trade, customs & logistics outsourcing,
Duty deferral programs
  • Management and control over the IMMEX & PROSEC Programs,
  • Annex 24,
  • Annex 31,
  • IMMEX & PROSEC Compliance,
  • IMMEX & PROSEC assessment,
  • Customs reconciliation and spontaneous self-correction of raw materials, parts and components (inventories) and temporary imported fixed assets (IMMEX),
  • Support, guidance and submission of the annual world trade operations report, INEGI’s monthly report, among others,
  • Certified Company Registry.
  • Duty Drawback,
  • Eight Rule.

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